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LN: Soviet army deserter granted Czech citizenship
In the Czech Republic, established in 1993 after the split of Czechoslovakia, Alexei worked hard as a metalworker in a factory to be able to buy a house in the country where he is living with his wife and two daughters. However, a couple of years ago,

Russia severs power supplies to crisis-hit Belarus
Russia severs power supplies to crisis-hit Belarus Russia had threatened to cut off supplies to Belarus last week before extending the deadline to help the ex-Soviet republic come up with the payment. The new deadline expired early Wednesday. Russian power producer Inter RAO UES halted power supplies

20 Years After Soviet Soldiers Left the Czech Republic, Russians Move In
Fast-forward to today's Czech Republic, firmly anchored in the NATO and European Union, the richest former Communist country in central Europe, and boasting low inflation and a stable currency. Mix in the country's natural beauty, the Russian-Czech

Crisis-hit Belarus set to top 2011 inflation list
The former Soviet republic devalued its rouble by 36 percent in May in a bid to plug a large current account deficit and has forecast full-year inflation at up to 39 percent. Price increases and foreign trade disruptions have triggered protests in the

Nagorno-Karabakh - disputed Caucasus territory
Nagorno-Karabakh - disputed Caucasus territory Soviet rule was imposed in the South Caucasus in 1921, and predominantly Armenian-populated Nagorno-Karabakh became an autonomous region within the Azeri Soviet republic. In 1988, the Nagorno-Karabakh authorities demanded to be transferred to the

Ronald Reagan, champion of freedom
Ronald Reagan, champion of freedom On October 23, 1956, student protesters marched through the streets of Budapest demanding an immediate end to their Soviet-dominated government. Before long, the demonstrators had dissolved the Communist regime and set up an interim government based on